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Kieran O'Se

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Campaign Story

Take a moment to support our The Mad Statist Drive America Mad campaign ( #TmsDamCampaign ). It’s a kick ass drive to bring our liberty mongering initiative to events like Porcfest, Freedom Fest, LP affiliate conventions, and others. It also helps us contribute more time to pro bono work.

You get some cool perks in the process though. So, chip in as little as $5 and help us with the first event on the schedule, the LP Florida convention.

This crowdsourcing/fundraiser will help us carry our message to liberty events across the country, to fulfill our commitment to do $21k in pro bono work for liberty causes this year, site improvements and content expansion.

I cannot begin to thank everyone enough for supporting our little liberty mongering operation. It means a lot not only that you see value in the swag we produce, but that you believe in the mission enough to support us in our efforts to grow it into a thriving/self sustaining interest that in time can financially support other liberty causes.

We truly are all in this together, and efforts like this are a real testament to what we preach: that you don’t need government theft to support each other or to accomplish great things.

Wishing you all a beautiful day ahead.

In liberty…

Kieran Ó Sé

$5 – $30 you get on the road campaign email updates, a PDF version of our upcoming TMS Quotables book (late June).
$35 + and get a LIMITED EDITION DAM CAMPAIGN TSHIRT.  Pick your size + Color (White/Black/Navy) in checkout notes.  The shirt design will be released next week, but here’s a hint: it’s cool, kinda retro, and involves a mystery van with a porcupine behind the wheel.
$60 + Two shirts and the on the road campaign postcard updates, PDF TMS Quotables, a special mention on our Facebook page and name printed on the Limited Edition DAM Campaign Shirt.
$100 + Three shirts, on the road campaign postcard updates, PDF of TMS Quotables, a special mention on our FB page and name printed on the Limited Edition DAM Campaign Shirt. Inclusion with in upcoming on the road podcasts, livestreams, etc.


    We’ve raised $800 as part of an earlier drive. We need to raise another $400 to meet the goal for the next three events: LPFL Convention, LPOH and *LPNC. Porcfest funding and initial site/content/marketing upgrades will be the May to June goals. THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone who’s supported this drive.

    I will work on including everyone who chipped in before this funding page was created!



    DOUBLE YOUR CONTRIBUTION: I hate to put this out there on Easter Sunday, but a very generous supporter has offered to match the next $1000.00 (total amount they will contribute) in contributions to The Mad Statist DRIVE AMERICA MAD Campaign.…/tms…/drive-america-mad-campaign/

    The funding window for the matching funds is until June 1, 2019. So, if we meet that window here is a tentative list of events we will be attending over the next few months: LP FL Convention, LP NC Convention, LP OH Convention, Porcfest. I am also considering other events and LP Conventions in addition so, if you know of one that I should consider, let me know.

    In addition to taking our liberty mongering campaign on the road, this funding also helps us with our pro bono and heavily discounted work for liberty causes and candidates, make site improvements, improve content and turn TMS into a one shop and resource stop for all things liberty oriented. And as we grow, it allows us to help fund and sponsor those liberty missions we believe in. THANK YOU AGAIN for your friendship, support and inspiration.

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $10.00 June 21, 2019
Ian Keogh $30.00 May 20, 2019
Jim Slattery $25.00 May 19, 2019
Christie Riopelle $30.00 May 19, 2019
Gary Woodard $35.00 May 14, 2019
Kelly Voluntary $40.00 May 14, 2019
Philip Flippen $70.00 May 11, 2019
Trent Larson $25.00 May 11, 2019
Ian Keogh $130.00 May 10, 2019
Kevin Shannon $100.00 May 10, 2019
Jacob Boldin $65.00 May 08, 2019
Joseph Garcia $105.00 May 08, 2019
Lee Korotzer $60.00 May 08, 2019
Matthew Bredeson $105.00 May 08, 2019
Michael Rawls $40.00 May 08, 2019
Anonymous $50.00 May 07, 2019
Calin Radoi $25.00 May 07, 2019
Donna Mosher $40.00 May 07, 2019
Kristi Avery $60.00 April 24, 2019
Ann Cormican $45.00 April 21, 2019
Anonymous $800.00 April 21, 2019
Mary Gerlt $40.00 April 18, 2019


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